Overseas Chinese History Museum of China



The Museum is located in DongCheng District of Beijing. It is the first national thematic museum which comprehensively displays the history and current status of Chinese emigrants.

The museum was at first proposed by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader in 1960, then started to build in September, 2011 and completed in October, 2014. Now the main building is divided into 5 floors with a total area of 12,765 square meters, including many exhibition halls and a multi-function room. Our collections have reached over 30,000 pieces (sets), most of which are provided by enthusiastic donors from home and abroad. We will keep on collecting and protecting historical heritages, holding various exhibitions and activities, and providing cultural products and services. 


The first exhibition hall outlines the history of Chinese emigrating overseas in chronological order as overseas emigrants in ancient times (before 1840), in modern times (from 1840 to 1949) and contemporary overseas emigrants (since 1949). In addition, common sense of emigration and the world’s major emigration countries are introduced at the end. 

The Second Exhibition Hall integrally simulates Chinatown landscape, mainly adopts scene reconstructions as well as collections, pictures and multimedia to demonstrate social life prospects and cultural practices of overseas Chinese in different regions, roughly in chronological order.


The Third Exhibition Hall. By virtue of their aspiring efforts and risk-taking courage, overseas Chinese around the world have made outstanding achievements in economy, community, culture and other aspects. It summarizes and demonstrates the contributions made by overseas Chinese to where they live in. 


The Forth Exhibition Hall. There has always been a close relationship between the overseas and China. This hall shows how overseas Chinese concern and support China’s social development, and how China’s organizations and policies on overseas affairs change at different times.