Cloisonné is a famous traditional enamel ware, known as the "blue of jingtai" in china, with a history of over 500 years. it was so called "blue" was the typical colour used for enameling and "jingtai" was the reign title of the 7th ming emperor. enamel ware became very popular during the emperor’s reign.



There is a great variety of products, such as vase, jar, bowl, plate, box and ash-tray. They are brilliant in colours and splendid in design. Cloisonné is one of the famous arts and crafts of Beijing. The making of cloisonné requires rather elaborate and complicated processes; base-hammering, copper-strip inlay, soldering, enamel-filling, enamel-firing, polishing and gilding. The products are featured by excellent quality. The skill and workmanship have been handed down from the Ming dynasty. Quite a number of new varieties have been created. It enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. They are mostly for export.